Exercising = Feeling Good, Looking Better

A few months ago, I began a daily exercising routine. The plan originally stemmed from the desire to expand my modeling portfolio into fitness to reach specific industries such as Portland, but it’s also just a great thing to stick to for a healthier lifestyle. And let me tell you, it feels great. I hope you’ll give it a try!

I can say that I impressed myself with my persistence in “getting fit.” And it has paid off. I feel really good and I’m more toned, so it’s definitely helping with my overall model figure. Really, the only thing to it is persistence and knowing how your body works. I hope you give this a try and impress yourself! Exercise and eating right are the only things that will bring you great physical health.

This may not be how fitness instructors would put it, but I have talked with one about my routine. And how I put it is if you’re running and feel the burn in the areas you’re toning, you must be doing something right. If it weren’t as simple as that, I probably wouldn’t be doing any exercising.

What I’ve been doing is fairly easy, as long as you stay persistent. I bet you’ll start seeing results in a month or so if you stick to your own routine. I have done quite a bit of research on what kind of exercises to be doing. My conclusion from the results is that my current routine is appropriate for toning and staying healthy. If you are someone looking to bulk up with the muscles, then you might have to do some additional research.

The routine: What I have been doing is alternating between aerobic and strength exercises every other day. One day, I’ll run on the treadmill with music for 30 minutes (without an incline, because I don’t want to bulk up my leg muscles) and the next day I will do push-ups, sit ups, and a leg exercise laying down. I’m not sure what the leg exercise is called, but I lay down with my feet flat on the floor, knees facing the ceiling, lift one leg straight out and lift my hips off the ground about 10 times and alternate. I don’t even need a gym membership for any of this!

While I mostly stick to this exercise routine, I stray sometimes and do my own thing, or do whatever I have time for. Often, I find myself not get around to exercising on days that I work or when I’m out in Seattle all day, but I try hard to stay on top of my routine as much as possible. Either way, I hope this helps you on your own way to feeling better about your health.

Now, if only I could stay away from those darn cookies!

Thanks for reading,

Be Fierce!

Briauna Mariah (:

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