We Speak

About We Speak

Briauna Mariah is founder & owner of revolutionary model agency, We Speak.

We Speak is model management that develops and nurtures careers for models and creatives across all identities. Founded in 2013, We Speak was the first domino in the movement for an equitable fashion world.

By working collaboratively with brands, holding open conversations, providing resources, and maintaining productive relationships, we cultivate the change we want to see in the world. With a growing nationwide presence within the U.S., our models are seen in print campaigns, commercials, and runways world wide. Off camera, our models are producing content, writing novels, making art, performing, speaking on panels, climbing mountains, growing waste-free gardens, contributing to DEI efforts, and more.


My story echoed the stories of many models who have been treated poorly in fashion. I came to New York to model and in less than two weeks, I lost nearly two dress sizes. I was applauded and encouraged to tell other models my secret. For months, I was overworked and barely ate. At a size 2, my biggest insecurity at the time — my thighs — were called “too doughy.” And after six months, I still hadn’t received payment for the work I had done. In 2013, I decided to put an end to these experiences by starting We Speak Model Management. We Speak was, and is, a call for the fashion industry to do better.

Until 2020, I was the driving force behind We Speak, with the goal to uproot fashion industry norms. Today, We Speak is a top contender in an ever-changing market with a well-rounded team passionate about the We Speak values and mission. I couldn’t do it without them. My personal journey and the growth of We Speak have been intertwined. Tackling beauty standards, combating tokenism, and opening important conversations with brands about how to push the fashion industry further are core values that have informed We Speak’s every decision from the start. The execution and refinement of these goals are ever-evolving.