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What is Beauty?

Above photo by Annika Photography You. Are Beautiful. Look in the mirror. Repeat these words, “I am beautiful.” You are drop-dead gorgeous. You are radiant. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Beauty is being enough. You. Are enough. What is Beauty? I am faced with this question every day. I see myself transformed for the sake of beauty. Images that… Read more →

Holistic Health Questions and Answers with Jaison Greene

Holistic health Q&A with Jaison Greene (click for my pre-interview insights)! Q: What is a common misconception about how many calories you should be eating? A: Well, this is usually the place where people go first to lose weight. What calories and calorie counting don’t take into consideration is what foods are related to those calories. You could have all very… Read more →

Do Modeling Agencies like Natural Photos?

Do Modeling Agencies like Natural Photos? Someone asked this question, and, though the question yields similar answers that are contained in my model polaroid post, it can be approached in a slightly different manner. This question can be answered in two parts. Polaroids, and portfolio. If you’re looking to be signed, these are some good things to keep in mind whether you… Read more →