Novels by Briauna Norman

Briauna Mariah enjoys her time between her home in coastal Maine and New York City. She is the founder and director of We Speak, the leading model management in championing diversity, equity, and fairness in fashion. Since resuming her passion of crafting stories in April of 2020, she also writes socially aware, progressive, science fiction, fantasy, genre-bending novels. Above all else, Briauna is a big-picture-thinker and dreamer. Even if we may not see it in our lifetimes, she envisions a world that works well for everyone. Our ideal world may not exist anywhere but in our minds, but she finds power in imagining and it’s this same power that molds everything her hands touch, from We Speak to her fiction manuscripts.

Transitus – Released March 19, 2024

The Last Curet

Fast forward several thousands of years from the time transitus people came to be and what you get is an entirely different world. Ten subspecies of ocean-breathing humanoids. Rich cultures. Unique skills, preferences, language, and cities. Follow our genderless main character, Uni, on a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance in a vibrant, underwater world that is being threatened by an unknown force.

Excerpt, chapter 4, rough draft, rewrite:

I hum my song.

Nothing to fear, here.

They can’t find me in here. I can’t find me in here. I don’t know where I am. Lost as a ghost, but at least this is safe. As long as I am here, I am hidden.

Turning left, something flashes in the dark, halting my breath. The inner iridescent gleam of shells, hidden in a wall’s narrow crack, grabs my attention. A mural, crafted from deep-sea calyptogena blanketing the floor and walls of the crack. The algae-crusted shells have an ageless quality.

The story they tell is vague and haunting. On one side of the mural, the shells are broken in half and turned upside-down, shining with their pretty bellies. On the other side, they are whole, lined in neat, stark rows. This is a mural of despair. Someone who had given up made this mural. They lost everything. Not wanting to be forgotten, they left this chilling artwork in their place. 

The story whispers secrets long forgotten. 

For a fleeting moment, I feel a tug in my chest, an unexplainable connection, a feeling of loss. Then, the sight strikes a chord, propelling me into the opposite wall with newfound urgency. 

This isn’t a safe place. 


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