Novels by Briauna Norman

Briauna Mariah enjoys her time between her home in coastal Maine and New York City. She is the founder and director of We Speak, the leading model management agency in championing diversity, equity, and fairness in fashion. Since resuming her passion of crafting stories in April of 2020, she also writes socially aware, progressive, science fiction and fantasy novels. Above all else, Briauna is a big-picture-thinker and dreamer. Even if we may not see it in our lifetimes, she envisions a world that works well for everyone. Our ideal world may not exist anywhere but in our minds, but she finds power in imagining and it’s this same power that molds everything her hands touch, from We Speak to her fiction manuscripts.

Transitus (Prequel)

When his twelve year old sister is reported dead, Krimsey suspects a lie. He believes she’s still alive. Believes that his leaders, meant to guide transitus-kind toward oceanic bliss, can’t be trusted. Risking his life to save hers, Krimsey has less than twenty-four hours until his lungs no longer breathe air. Until his body betrays him. Until his sister dies.

The Last Curet (Book 1)

Follow the journey of an insecure, ocean-breathing main character, Uni. Uni must hide their true identity to survive. If anyone knew they were Curet, Uni wouldn’t just be an outcast. They would be abhorred, hunted, and killed. This story evolved from a 3 year journey of self discovery and intense vulnerability. 


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