Baby, I was Born This Way

In September 2010, I took a risk. Lady Gaga wasn’t exactly my inspiration, but she has a point in her new single, “Born This Way,” and I absolutely love and adore her, what she stands for, and her amazing music. She is a lovely phenomenon.

Some of you already know, I’m super nerdy. I love school and I was in running start during high school. I graduated with my Associates and Diploma at the same time in June 2010. I had every intention of continuing with my education to get a 4-year degree. Until something inside me got all switched around and I started veering off in a whole other direction.

A week, yes, a week, before move-in day at the 4 year University I was enrolled in, I chose not to move in with the rest of the freshmen. My heart is in school, yes, but my heart wasn’t in the major I was settling on. I had no plan but to go to college and get a degree; probably merely because that’s what people expect. My degree was going to be marine biology but I had no idea what I would do with $40,000 of debt and a marine biology degree. I decided to model instead. And it’s that simple.

You may be wondering where I am going with this. I’m kind of wondering too. But wanted to say, I have been receiving the most lovely comments and messages from you all regarding my progress as a fashion model. Just the other day, a model who has been all over the world sent me such an endearing message, she inspired me to write this.

Your kind words will all always be close to my heart. You, my fans, are what allow me to go on. You have given me such kindness, and its time to return some of that. You are all each amazing and you encourage me to keep pushing harder until I reach the top.

I have a friend who says I’m lucky that I know what I want to do and that I’m doing it. I’m blessed to have found my passion in time to change things around. I’m glad I had guts to not go to college, even though many expected me to. I’ll let you know now, I have no idea what I’m doing, just like everyone else. As I said earlier, I took a risk. It could have been a terrible decision. But if I had not taken the risk, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Pursing my passion.

I’ll tell you now, it isn’t easy, but it’s something you have to just do, if your heart is in it. Make the decision and stick with it. Don’t worry about what others think. As Lady Gaga puts it, “You were born this way, baby.”

Toss aside all societal expectations, look into your heart, and ask yourself if you’re happy going where you’re headed. If you are, great! Keep going there. If you’re not happy, try some new things and seek what makes you happiest.

Be BOLD, take a risk!

Thank you all for everything!

Be Fierce!

Briauna Mariah (:

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