Portland, New York Fashion: Ready or Not, Here I Come!

Public transportation. Gotta love it. Some people cringe at the thought of having to ride the public transit. I decide instead to embrace it. So many good things have come to me through riding the bus. There is always someone who has something to say. Always that one really interesting person. You don’t get that in a car. Once you ride public transit enough, you begin to realize it is its own little community. You save money too! Gas prices are getting ridiculous.

I was late for the bus and debating my different parking options. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it in time. I was on my way to help a friend of the family for the day at her shoe store. I veer into the senior center parking lot, grab my bag, and slam the door just as the bus was getting ready to leave. Sometimes I wonder at how observant the public transit bus drivers are. The man obviously saw my car frantically pulling in (or did he?), but he began to leave the station anyways and I appeared just in time.

I thank the man for waiting for me to board and take a seat.

“Are you a model?” A woman asks just as I am getting settled. I’m always extremely flattered and sometimes a little surprised when people ask me that, especially when I have absolutely no hair product or makeup on.

I’ve been surprised at how many fashion-industry-related people I’ve met on the bus. As it turned out, this woman had been a professional, working fashion model in Seattle, New York, and other major fashion capitols for 12 years AND she had been signed to my same agency, Seattle Models Guild! Small world! I am always pleasantly surprised at how friendly people in this industry can be, too. We talked for the whole bus ride and I found out that she had started her career on less than $200. Enough for a one-way ticket to New York.

“You need to go to New York, you have the perfect look right now! Just get out there”

I thought about our conversation for the rest of the day.

I need to be in New York!
New York is where I belong.
This was the extra kick I needed.

I’ve embarked on this journey to travel to and live in New York. I just need to save up enough money to buy me time to settle in when I get there.


Random fact: Did you know Lady Gaga’s song from her Born This Way Album, called Marry the Night, is about her love for New York? I’m gonna marry the night!

Fashion Pit Stop in Portland, Oregon 
October 2011
Before I hit New York, I’m going to make a productive stay in Portland, Oregon! I will be networking with fashion industry peeps, working with my modeling agency, Ryan Artists, and setting up shoots there.

Contact me if you’re in the area and want to do some amazing fashion/editorial work together.

As a recent graduate, I’m still living with my parents, so this month long trip will be great practice for living on my own. I will be meal planning and exercising a lot. When I come back home to the great state of Washington, I will be more fit than ever and be financially prepared to immediately go to New York. That’s my plan.

Stay tuned, as I will be posting about my successes, difficulties, tips on meal planning, meals & exercising, living on my own for the first time, and how the fashion industry is going in the great PDX.

Go click “follow” to read about how my month long trip to Portland goes! Thanks for reading!

Be Fierce!

Briauna Mariah (:

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