Agency Qualities to Look For

When you are seeking representation and meeting with modeling agencies, you should get to know the people at the agency and get a feel for the place. I won’t get into too many specifics on how to become a model, as it has been previously discussed, but I will say that choosing an agency that will best fit your needs, if you do choose not to freelance, is very important. You do not want to get signed, and then get buried in the agency’s “New Faces” department. This could easily happen with any big agency.

You want to look for a very “quality over quantity” vibe. However, even if they are really excited about your look, there are no guarantees of a successful relationship. An agency that pays attention, with an open line of communication, are generally good signs.

10 Signs of a Quality Agency:

  1. Sending you on castings immediately after being signed.
  2. You appear quickly up on their website with good images.
  3. Everyone is open, friendly, and helpful.
  4. Sending your book out to clients and photographers alike.
  5. Receiving health tips and not being pressured about your body.
  6. Knowing your agents cell numbers (falls under communication).
  7. You feel comfortable with your agency and not intimidated.
  8. You truly feel like a valuable asset to them and they are confident in your ability to book jobs.
  9. Free gifts/passes and prompt payments.
  10. You don’t feel too pressured.

These are the signs of an amazing, quality agency that cares about it’s models. They want us to succeed so that they, too, can succeed. Finding the right agency for you can be difficult and it can also depend on your preferences. You should want to stay healthy and pursue your dreams freely. Your agency should not limit your abilities. I have personally learned how important comfortableness and openness are.

Be Fierce!! 

Briauna Mariah

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