Kings County Scuba Lessons: Day 1

**UPDATE: Unfortunately, KCD has gone out of business after a long, successful run in Brooklyn. While there are many other places to learn how to dive in NYC, it’s very sad to see Mia and her business close. I wish her all the luck & much success in the next chapter of her scuba diving career and everyone who was involved with KCD. Mia was kind enough to give me some really good deals with extra gear, so now I own my own wetsuit! Thank you for everything & the great experiences, Mia!**

Shhh… let me tell you about a secret surprise. Well, by the time you read this, it won’t be a secret anymore. Those of you who know me, know I am happily in love with my boyfriend. You may not know that he is a total marine science nerd. He gets excited about every little new thing he sees or discovers about any creature under the sea.

There are always ups and downs to a long distance relationship, but one perk certainly is the fact that I can go get scuba certified on my own without him even knowing! Now, scuba diving is a lifelong dream of mine. It’s a surprise not just for him, but an exhilarating treat for me.

The beginning of this endeavor began with meeting the lovely bright-eyed Mia, the owner of Kings County Divers in Brooklyn. I chose to get scuba certified specifically with Kings County Divers in Brooklyn for what I saw in Mia: Confidence, pride, expertise, and compassion. KCD is really the only dive shop in both Manhattan and Brooklyn that stood out to me for these qualities, especially after having my in-person consultation with Mia.

The thing is, it took some financial planning in order to afford this endeavor. I weighed pros and cons, but there were hardly any cons. This was something I have wanted to do since I was very young and the look on my boyfriend’s face when I tell him I can go diving with him will be priceless. I have always loved the sea, I studied marine biology, and I’m writing a fantasy/science-fiction novel based on underwater life. I need to scuba dive! This is something I would regret not doing. If I moved forward with the idea, I would have no regrets. If there is one thing in life I’ve learned it’s that if you are going to get anything done, you just have to buckle down and do it! There is no such thing as “someday.”

As I continued forward with Mia at KCD, she gladly worked a plan out with me and has offered the best service.

I just finished day 1 of my lessons and I am tired! But in a good way. In a video, I was informed on the risks of scuba diving, learned about the basics of scuba and snorkel gear, and, after getting fitted for gear properly, we all headed to the pool (one of the perks is that the class sizes are kept small and personal, so I will be getting the attention I need). My own excitement really bubbled up when we got to put the scuba regulator in our mouths, sink down in three foot water, and breathe crisp, dry tank air for the first time.

The whole experience tonight was surreal in a way. It felt so natural because I had been longing to scuba dive for so long and imagining what it would be like. By the end of this thorough training and certification process, I will know many of the ins and outs of scuba diving and I’m definitely looking forward to that moment.

An unexpected perk: Of course, I’ve told many people already that I am taking these lessons. My course book on the train is certainly a question-raiser. People automatically think I am awesome. So there are no complaints about that!

I am going to be writing an informational slash “look how cool scuba diving is” blog after each of my lessons, so stay tuned for more on my scuba adventure (Click here to read about Lesson 2)! By the end of this I will be able to strongly recommend KCD for any interested peers, provide basic scuba information, point you to the right expert, and give pointers on how to overcome certain fears! (Yes there are some aspects to scuba that frightens me! Wish me luck on overcoming those parts!)

Be Fierce!!

Briauna Mariah (:

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  1. I thought you wrote King County for a minute there! My boyfriend and I got certified at the Federal Way location in October. Everyone there is amazing btw 🙂 The open water lessons in Seattle waters in a wet suit… SOOO cold. I think I’ll be buying a dry suit soon and exploring the underwater park in Edmonds. Anyways, best of luck and I love seeing all the photos here and on Facebook! Congrats on making your dreams come true!

    1. Sweet! And of course you scuba dive, why not? Haha. I don’t know how cold Seattle waters are, but the lake we went to in PA was 55 degrees, so it was pretty cold as well. I had a thin suit on, a vest and hood, and a wetsuit on top of all that. There’s an underwater park there?? Sounds awesome! I don’t quite have all my gear, but I’m sure I can slowly build up to that! I’m glad to hear from you. I’m going to be posting 4 other blog posts about this as well…. 🙂

  2. Briauna,
    Welcome aboard. As a certified diver with KCD it will be an amazing and wonderful experience. We plan a lot of really great trips every year and everyone is enjoyable and great to be around.
    It will be one of the greatest experiences of your life. Hope to see ou out there among the waves.

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