My Mom is Writing Updates for Me, So Here’s Mine

First thing. I felt like a total tourist today! Not a good thing. I like being the native. So I’ll allow myself a weekend of tourism. Then, its down to business! Not to say its not already down to business… (My very first day here, I had a photoshoot. I came down a day early yesterday for a shoot for several stock photography students. I pretended to apply makeup with a smile on my face for about 3.5 hours. Fun stuff!)

Back to tourism. I had some fun today! My uncle’s girlfriend (who is also a good friend/friend of the family) and her mom took me with them to the Portland Saturday Market. There was a lot of fun art and clothes. I think my favorite part of the market there was all the nifty items made out of forks and kitchen utensils. The fork bracelets? They were FIERCE. (I practice a good amount of self control, however, and did not buy anything).

I feel like today is an important transition for me as a person, having never lived away from my mom, and as a model. Especially with the clothes. I generally don’t stock up on “trendy” clothes and prefer simple and easy, but this is the new me. Nordstrom and WinCo are next on my list for shopping.

The room I am staying in is super cozy and cute! I have my uncle to thank for his hospitality, letting me stay with him in his guest bedroom.

I guess this blog post is mostly just an update for all of those who want to know what’s going on. My mom has been posting about me and my trip non-stop. I love her to death. Even though I’m in Portland and she is wayy North, I still feel like we’re together. So she’s been updating HER friends, based on what I’ve been telling her, making me feel guilty for not posting updates. So here it is! And I took a bunch of pictures, so this is an easy way to share them with you all.

Hope you are all having and awesome weekend! And I apologize if you read this thinking there will be some point at the end or greater meaning. Other than the fact that this trip is epic and a really good experience, there really isn’t too much of a point.

I could say, however, that calculated risks are a good thing! If you’re finding yourself “stuck” and can’t decide on making a move, I say, if its reasonable, TAKE A RISK. I’ve only found success and happiness with every calculated risk I’ve taken.

Be Fierce!!

Briauna Mariah (:

Portland, New York Fashion: Ready or Not, Here I Come!

Public transportation. Gotta love it. Some people cringe at the thought of having to ride the public transit. I decide instead to embrace it. So many good things have come to me through riding the bus. There is always someone who has something to say. Always that one really interesting person. You don’t get that in a car. Once you ride public transit enough, you begin to realize it is its own little community. You save money too! Gas prices are getting ridiculous.

I was late for the bus and debating my different parking options. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it in time. I was on my way to help a friend of the family for the day at her shoe store. I veer into the senior center parking lot, grab my bag, and slam the door just as the bus was getting ready to leave. Sometimes I wonder at how observant the public transit bus drivers are. The man obviously saw my car frantically pulling in (or did he?), but he began to leave the station anyways and I appeared just in time.

I thank the man for waiting for me to board and take a seat.

“Are you a model?” A woman asks just as I am getting settled. I’m always extremely flattered and sometimes a little surprised when people ask me that, especially when I have absolutely no hair product or makeup on. Continue reading “Portland, New York Fashion: Ready or Not, Here I Come!”