Model Mayhem 101: Contests and Boards

Before, I discussed the basic functions and how-to’s of Model Mayhem, using casting calls and collaborating on Model Mayhem, and finally, adapting your Model Mayhem account as you gain experience.

Now, the last remaining Model Mayhem features of note are the contests and forums.

I see the contests as a way to verify your experience and expertise, the Model Mayhem way. It’s another place to get “popular” on the site.

If you win a contest, you will be awarded with an image indicating that you’ve won. These are good trophies to display on your profile. Your account must have the ability to use BB Code (BBC) to show such images on your profile. Use the same code to display a photo in your profile as the underlined example shown in the next section in italics.

Model/Photographer/MUA of the Week
This is the contest I like to get involved in most.

First off, the “of the Week” contest pages are one of the main areas that could do with a huge site update on Model Mayhem. This is because the format is that of a chat forum and you submit and vote by replying on the forever-expanding forum. The benefit of this is that it means you can see everybody’s entry as they submit for the week.

To submit, you click Reply on the corresponding forum and attach a .jpg image in BBC format. This means right clicking on your online images, copying the image locations, and submitting three photos on the contest forum in the following format:

Select images that best represent you, show variety, and have a particular wow factor and quality to them. A great example of three winning photos is the trophy photo on this blog post.

The submissions for each week run between Tuesday and Saturday. Look at who else is submitting that week to gauge your chances. Saturday evening is a good time because most people will have already submitted. You cannot resubmit the same photos two weeks in a row. Voting runs on Sunday and Monday after a MM admin has posted the submissions with numbers next to them. You cannot vote for yourself nor can you solicit votes.

Pic of the Day
To submit for this contest, you just upload your photo and indicate the credits of whoever else was involved. Remember to select the box indicating that you agree to the terms, because if you don’t, you have to start over.

This contest is for the big wigs.

Unless you really know what Model Mayhem likes to see and you’re very talented, winning the Pic of the Day contest isn’t too likely. I’ve submitted photos for Pic of the Day on countless occasions and I’ve only come somewhat close a few times. I also haven’t diligently pursued winning this one.

Many Pic of the Day winners are superb beauty shots, often with an interesting concept in mind. It must contain some sort of wow factor and having luck on your side may help as well. If the submissions for that day aren’t at the top of their game, there will be a better chance of winning; however, you can’t view the other submissions until it’s time to vote. I think part of the secret to winning this contest is to just keep submitting.

When I began Model Mayhem, I was confused as to what it was. I signed up, read their FAQ and I didn’t get much of a purpose out of the information that I found–frankly, I don’t think MM is too user friendly or innovative (UPDATE: They recently launched a full site update… still could use improvements). Regardless, I decided to go onto the forums for help.

The forums are just that. Forums. You can discuss a countless number of topics.

I’m sure MM forums are a whole other world in itself. I haven’t explored them too deeply nor do I have the desire to. If you’re lonely, want to discuss certain matters, are seeking advice and insight, the Model Mayhem forums may be a good spot. Find the right category and try not to sound like a newbie when you post something.

And there you go!

Now you know all the main points behind working a Model Mayhem account. That is, if you’ve read all of my related blog posts!

Good luck networking and stay tuned for any more MM 101 posts by clicking the little pink follow button on the right of the screen!

Be Fierce!!

Briauna Mariah (:

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