Model Fuse vs Model Mayhem: Review

**UPDATE: Sadly, Model Fuse has seemed to disappeared off the internet. Unfortunate, because they showed promise. But it just goes to show how difficult it can be to get a ‘leg up’ over competition (especially established). In the meantime, my good model friend Sierra Mckenzie is working on her own Freelance Models project. Feel free to click and check it out!**


I was recently informed of a new model networking site called Model Fuse. I decided to do something different for my blog by giving this site a try and writing a review on it. I created my profile and the process was extremely simple, as any good social media site these days should be. Navigation and acquainting myself with the site was easy as well. 

I had this idea to set out and book a shoot through this site. That’s what seems to be their whole philosophy: Their goal is to get freelancers work, with the whole industry at your fingertips, on one website. 

The problem is, many models already use a site for just that. It’s called Model Mayhem

I immediately encountered a problem while setting out to book a shoot through Model Fuse. There weren’t nearly enough people to network with on the site, many of which appeared mediocre.

I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt though, as they are a new site, having been founded in November 2011. Model Mayhem got a bit of a head start, considering it was founded in March 2005.  

There are many key differences between Model Mayhem and Model Fuse and I think Model Fuse holds a significant amount of potential.

Actually, Model Fuse is a sister site of sorts, under a company called MFuseLLC. The goal of this company is not only to get models work, but other entertainment industry professionals work as well. There is also a Musician Fuse site and a Movie Fuse site. Already, I see a strong foundation here. 


Model Fuse:


  • is free
  • is extremely user friendly
  • is technologically advanced and in-tune
  • is innovative and ambitious
  • appears to hold the desire to update it’s site frequently 
  • has incentive for inviting friends
  • has a search for browsing users
  • has a secure job payment method built into its site
  • encourages connecting with others
  • has a significantly higher volume of users that are models than any other type of user (this can be good for others looking for models)
  • has a larger number of fashion industry related categories for individuals looking to sign up and network
  • allows user to select more than one category for profile (example, my profile can indicate that I am a photographer as well as a makeup artist)
  • has sister sites for music and movie industries
  • allows you to upload multiple portfolios/albums
  • has forums 
  • encourages to connect to Facebook and Twitter (via ModelFuse app)
  • has a section to keep model contracts in the inbox area that MM does not
  • has sooo much potential, potential, potential!
      • These founders are dedicated and the way the site works is different than Model Mayhem in very positive, innovative ways. Theses are new ideas and features that MM has lacked. So much potential


  • has low levels of active users. There are not many results when you search for castings or people
      • Yet!
  • is infested with models! They are in need of marketing towards more photographers and designers
      • To give you an idea… for the main area in which Model Fuse was founded, Los Angeles, about 35 photographers and 12 designers show up in the search, compared to a result of 78 models
  • is lacking in high quality networking connections. Many users appear mediocre from what I can see 
  • is lacking a well-known reputation  (again, they were only recently founded)
  • only allows eight photos per portfolio/album to be uploaded
  • like Model Mayhem and any online site, it could potentially contain scammers. Though they try to help tackle that problem with the “My Bank” online payment option. This could be a good way to initiate an initial booking deposit or fee before shooting
  • unsure about the message inbox organization, as I have yet to use the feature
  • doesn’t appear to allow URL customization
  • doesn’t appear to showcase or conveniently link to off-shoot websites
  • does not allow encoding to customize profile content
  • does not include a fill-in for more in-depth measurements, though this could easily be added to the body of the profile 

Model Mayhem


  • is a leading fashion networking site with high volumes of active users
  • has many paid and unpaid casting calls listed daily
  • is worldwide
  • is free
  • has a paid upgrade option, increasing options and exposure
  • allows user to gain privileges with seniority
  • is relatively close-knit
  • is relatively easy to navigate
  • holds photo contests for its members
  • has an interactive announcement board for exposure and networking
  • has a search for browsing users
  • has discussion forums
  • allows user to customize their URL address
  • showcases links to off-shoot/official websites
  • allows bbc code for user’s profile description, though this only applies to either paid users or senior users
  • has a clearly labeled section in profile for providing model stats, etc


  • is negatively viewed upon by many legitimate model agencies
  • hardly updates its site. Actually, I haven’t noticed much updates at all, if any. They could do with some improvements
  • only allows a limited number of photos on free account
  • has a decent amount of fashion industry categories for creating a profile, though user must create a profile for each one
  • contests forum is hard to use and could do with an update
  • has virtually zero connectivity to friends added to your friends list, they kind of just sit there
  • mail inbox is disorganized. Again, needs to be renovated
  • searching for a specific name can be difficult because you need the exact user name. Though Google seems to find them just fine
  • has a slightly confusing site for beginners. Not beginner-friendly
  • has some questionable users
  • contains, like much of the internet, scammers and people one should avoid
  • allows photos that are not always the most tasteful, but does have a “maturity filter.”

I’m sure there are many more comparisons to be had, but these are the basics that I’ve noticed at a glance. Obviously I have years more experience with Model Mayhem than with Model Fuse, so I am less acquainted with this new site. However, aside from the main major setback (lack of active users), I think Model Fuse could be a strong competitor of MM. Time will tell.

Try the site out for yourself and see if you like it. If so, share this post with your friends to spread the word! It’s a win-win all around.

Be Fierce!!

Briauna Mariah (:

3 Replies to “Model Fuse vs Model Mayhem: Review”

  1. It looks like the modelfuse site you suggested is down. I did manage to find a free fashion portfolio website that has a growing international influence. The site is I’m a photographer and currently trying to get my work out there and as much exposure as i can. I am currently a member on the site and so far so good. The pros of modxchange would be the customer service, real professionals within the community that are active, industry standard, connected to reputable agencies/firms, the site is very proactive, easy to use, appealing site layout, and more. Looks like a site they may leap frog modelmayhem one day. Hope this information will help anyone our there that are in seek of a fashion network.


    1. You’re right! That’s sad… It’s a tough competition. Especially for anyone to get above Model Mayhem. I wonder what happened to ModelFuse…

      I appreciate the extra info you’ve provided! 🙂

  2. I am trying to enter the modeling/acting industry. I’m having trouble weeding through the scams to find a legitimate agency. I’m in the Charlotte North Carolina area. Comp. card information available upon request. If you can give me some helpful information on where to start please email me at
    Thank you,

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