Biking in Portland, OR

Did you know that Amsterdam is the bicycle capital of the world? 40% of the traffic flow there is from bikes. You know what’s even cooler? Portland, Oregon is the second bicycle capital of the world. Seattle doesn’t even make it on the top 10.

So, what a great exercise and method of getting around, right?! I went outside today and got my bike ready. Okay, yeah, maybe not so much! One thing Seattle and Portland do have in common is the climate: RAIN! Ever since I’ve been here, it has rained every time I decided to step outside.

I have been biking to town several times (5 miles each way), for fun and for the exercise and I went to the store once (2 miles each way). I attempted a trip to the store today, got a few blocks, and got soaked. This has been the only time I am truly disliking the rain. I never got to bike much in Seattle, so the rain was never too much of a bother. In fact, most of the time I kind of enjoy the rain.

Biking has been a great exercise other than the rain, however. It has a low impact on your joints (which is great, because I guess my knee is still injured from my 3 Day For the Cure Walk), biking really works your thighs and it’s a good aerobic workout. I like the fact that once I get a certain distance on the bike, I have to do the same amount of distance coming back, so I end up staying out longer and getting a better workout than I would, say, running on a treadmill, which is what I usually would do.

After my trip, I also make sure I eat protein, which helps muscles regenerate.

So, what makes Portland so bike friendly? They have bike routes ALL over the city and the drivers are super friendly when it comes to riding on the roads. The routes are extremely well-marked, so it’s basically fool-proof. I have also noticed most roads have two lanes each way, but cars are allowed to park in the right lane. I don’t fully understand why this is allowed, or what the point in the second lane is, but I can’t help but wonder if it is for the bikers, since these particular roads are the ones lacking bike lanes.

Either way, I’m having lots of fun all around! Biking has been fun. I’ll have to find a way to bike when I’m back home, its much more effective than running. AND I need to find an exercise to do while it’s pouring outside. I think I will just crank up my music and try out some free-style-Briauna-Zumba ;D
Be Fierce!!

Briauna Mariah (:

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