Portland Fashions

I was in downtown Portland for a casting today (yeah, I nailed it) and I’ve been passing a LOT of really great boutiques over there.

I’ve also modeled for a few awesome boutiques. You may have already seen my photos up on www.letrainbleu.com. She has so many great designs in her boutique! I loved modeling them, especially the coats!

I had the pleasure of working with Neon Threads recently, as well. They carry a lot of vintage items, like dresses and coats from the 80s. If you want to reminisce in the good times, if you like the styles from those time periods, if you’re looking for a good Halloween piece, or whatever your reason, it’s a great place to check out! www.neonthreadsclothing.com. There were even a lot of great pieces (like the one I’m wearing below) that would make great clothing for a cool editorial spread *hint* *hint*

In town, there are a lot of athletic boutiques. Portland is all about being fit & biking! I love the mixture of fashion and athletic wear going on. It makes me want to go buy a whole new wardrobe just to go out for a run!

I saw this amazing faux fur vest in the window of one boutique (and I swear, they’re just one after the other on several different streets). The boutiques all look very classy, stylish, and high fashion.  It seems like Portland is all about the local fashions, too, because I have not seen one Louis Vuitton; and, trust me when I say, there are a lot of these local boutiques.

Another thing I liked doing today in the streets of downtown PDX was look at what everyone else was wearing. If you really think about it, any town is like one giant, never-ending fashion show. I was tempted to ask to take pictures of a bunch of random stylish hipsters, but I feel like that may have been a little strange. Maybe next time I will and I will get you all photos 😉

As it is Fall and the cold has descended upon us, there are a lot of boots out right now. However, I did see, surprisingly, a heck of a lot of skirts matched with leggings as well. Many people were breaking out their colorful scarves and fur-lined coats. I really enjoyed seeing and really paying attention to what everyone was wearing, as it gave me some insight on what looks good in general as well as what I think looks good. I’ve been learning it is really all about having the right accessories. Such as having one good pea-coat that you can match up to almost anything in your wardrobe. If you have all the basics, then you can go anywhere and build up from there. Seeing different combinations on the streets was really helpful to me and I decided to internalize it. I will definitely be paying more attention from here on out! Life is one great big learning opportunity! You should try it as well!

I challenge you to watch people in town, see what they’re wearing, and share what you notice!

Be Fierce!!

Briauna Mariah (:

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