Meal Planning: One Cucumber Per Week

I’m sitting here, wondering what is in store for me when I leave for Portland on Friday. I’m extremely excited to work and connect with people in Portland.

What originally inspired me to make this trip is the fact that I’m getting so many emails from my agency, Ryan Artists, and I haven’t been able to make it to more than 3 castings. I almost feel as if there is more going on down in Portland in terms of the fashion industry and modeling, than there is in Seattle.

There are more reasons to justify this trip, too. One reason is that, recently out of high school, I haven’t had the chance to live out on my own yet. Living a month “on my own” in Portland will be a great learning experience.

And I’m already learning some things. Like, say, how DIFFICULT IT IS TO MEAL PLAN! My family never really meal planned before, but we’ve been doing it for at least the past year now and it SAVES a lot of money and it’s easier to EAT HEALTHY.

I began writing a list of groceries I should get, with different meals in mind. I am budgeting for $50 a week, which should be interesting. I’ve been paying more and more attention to prices of different foods and comparing different healthy items. Thankfully, I’m never tempted to buy junk food in the store, especially out of my own pocket. It’s only when the candy, cookies, chips are sitting in a bowl in front of me that I begin to want to eat them. (Anyone else have that problem?)

My mom does a lot of shopping at this place called WinCo (yay! Thankfully, there is one in Portland!) and they have cheap, quality food, and a great bulk food selection. So I’ve decided that this is where I’m going to start off.

I have a feeling I should have a more definite plan in mind for what exactly I’m going to eat each night, but then again, it would really be hard to plan each and every dinner. I will be eating/buying a lot of vegetables (1 English cucumber a week, carrots, celery with peanut butter, squash, which are really yummy AND in season), fruits (apples, bananas, grapes), whole grains (whole grain bread & pasta, mixed rice, oatmeal for breakfast), nuts, and whatever main courses I’m able to put together.

I do have access to this killer, healthy meatloaf recipe that includes veggies and mushrooms as well as a stuffed bell pepper recipe. The plan is to make some of those right off the bat and freeze them, so they are available and I don’t have to think about it too much. The rest, I can leave up to imagination (spaghetti, turkey whole wheat pita sandwich, baked potatoes without all the junk, some of that squash I mentioned earlier, whatever else I can think of. Hey, at least I have a list to go off of, I won’t starve, okay?).

I will share photos and recipes along the way and update on how things are going, so if you’re wondering how I go about feeding myself, you’ll know! Because I know that’s what you’re all DYING to know. If I mess up, hey, I’m only human (great song by Jason Mraz, by the way!), but I will have plenty of successes to share as well!

I think writing this blog has helped me cope with the fact that I have no definite plan when it comes to what exactly I’m going to be eating. I guess I’m just trying to justify myself. Its so much easier when my mom does the planning! Can’t she just tell me what to do?? ;P

Wish me luck! I leave on Friday.

Be Fierce!!

Briauna Mariah (:

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