How I’ve Dealt With Acne & Products that Work

As a model, nice skin is very important to me. I rely on good skin for the success of my career. The problem is, I have grown up with genetically bad skin.

When I moved to New York in July 2012, my skin seemed to have cleared up and was looking better than ever. Optimistically, I discontinued my old prescription, as it had lost its effectiveness anyways. Hormones and stress soon kicked in, however, and caused my acne to flare up, worse than ever. I was working hard on my new role as a New York model and my bad skin was extremely discouraging.

The bad skin caused even more stress–my face is my career!–my agency at the timed scheduled me to see a very expensive dermatologist.  I tried more antibiotics. It was a vicious cycle of stress, hormones, trying to find a solution, and more stress. The whole process of prescriptions, samples, and doctors visits was very aggravating. Near the end of December 2012, I met a terrific,  man on a modeling job who owns a branding company and he wanted to send me some Evologie creams.

I had never heard of Evologie before… but, long story short, Evologie really helped my skin with fast results. In about two weeks, my skin had improved a good amount. Soon after, I began to try a second skin care line that came around my way called Nerium, which helped clear my skin even more.

Since I was having a multitude of problems with antibiotic prescriptions, including what I was convinced to be an allergic reaction from the prescriptions, the combination of both Evologie and Nerium has been a breath of fresh air. While Evologie works to extract the acne seated beneath my skin quickly as well as keeping my skin hydrated, Nerium reduces the redness and leaves my skin feeling soft and young.

If you are struggling with problem skin, give Evologie a try on its own or in combination with Nerium. Both lines are fairly new on the market and if you’ve been looking for a product, I’d recommend these. I would love to personally provide you with links and hookups, so message me if you are looking for a solution yourself. I can also recommend a good dermatologist in New York!

I am always here to help. I want you to feel as beautiful as you really are. Acne does not define me nor should it define you, even with those flare ups or blemishes! You are beautiful!

Be Fierce!!

Briauna Mariah (:

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