Healthy Skincare is a Model Essential (Part 2)

Oliver Villafuerte is a superb makeup artist and esthetician in the Seattle area who provides professional services at Milagros Aveda Salon and Spa. I highly recommend him  for any of your MU/facial needs. He provided me with amazing facials once a week for a month before my big move to New York City! Oliver was amazing enough to provide a ton of great information to share with you. 

Skincare and MU. This is what Oliver has to say: 

Here are some of my favorite tips for a healthy young fresh look:

  • Don’t over apply mascara. 2-3 coats, MAX. Too much mascara makes you look cheap.
  • Wash your face daily either with a gentle cleanser (Oily skin types, if you are wearing makeup) or a warm wet wash cloth (Dry to Normal skin types).
  • Remember what colors are used on you, they may land you your next gig or at the very least, you might get a compliment.
  • Less is usually more. This applies to wearing makeup, product usage, hairstyles, wearing perfume.
  • Have one of each in your Skincare arsenal: exfoliating masque, hurrahing masque and purifying masque.
  • Own a really pigmented black eye shadow or loose pigment, it is versatile for an eyeliner, smoky eye and added drama.

Click here to visit part one of my skincare post, with tips from Ashli Danielle.

Take care & Be Fierce!!

Briauna Mariah (:

  2 comments for “Healthy Skincare is a Model Essential (Part 2)

  1. 19th August 2012 at 3:33 pm

    Interesting! Something to keep in mind!!!

    Feel free to visit my blog! I really hope you like it & maybe you can follow?

    Have a lovely sunday!

  2. 27th September 2012 at 8:30 am

    Yikes! i don’t know any model who have ugly skin. I think it goes with the package or part of job requirement. However, if one have,i think those can also be hidden my make ups, not sure.


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