5 Facial Tips for Fashion Modeling (REVISITED)

If I had to choose the most important aspect of a great modeling photo shoot–within the model’s control–, it would be the face and the confidence that can be found there. This applies especially for any shoot that is from a shoot waist up to beauty shots, which is only of your face.

Facial Tips

  1. LEARN YOUR ANGLES. Each model has her own obstacles.  You have probably heard this one before, but you have to learn your angles! Some angles are just more flattering on you and some are not. With experience, you will learn to automatically position your head in the right angles combined with the right amount of emotion.
  2. BREATHE. Probably one of the simplest tips I could give you. You’re probably thinking, ‘well, of course I breathe!’ However, not only do new models forget to breathe, they also don’t know that their is power to their breathing. Try exhaling and even inhaling powerfully on your next shoot. It can literally bring life to your shot, both in different ways. Leave your lips a-gape as well as closed. See what happens. Which looks better?
  3. PRACTICE IN FRONT OF A MIRROR. As often as you can, until you are comfortable enough in your shoots to tell almost exactly what your photo is going to look like. Also, practice with different makeup looks. Sometimes before a shoot, I will have to look in a mirror and play around a bit so I know how the makeup I’m wearing translates.
  4. “SMIZE.”  The secret to Tyra Bank’s famous term “smize,” at least for me, is something that you must consciously work on. In order to make it so that your eyes do not appear lazy or tired, intensify your eyes with squinting your lower eye lids. Some girls have naturally smizing eyes and squinting would make them look strange.
  5. BE RAW. SPONTANEOUS. ORGANIC. The best photos come from you being yourself. You are comfortable in your skin, not some one else’s. If you feel like a silly face, go for it–lick your lips, bite your lip, wink… do whatever feels right. Most photographers love when you play around. Just know what looks good with your face and what doesn’t.

Happy smizing!

Be Fierce!

Briauna Mariah (:

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