Catwalk Confidence

No matter who you are, you have to believe in your inner and outer beauty in the world of fashion modeling. Confidence is beautiful. If you are not confident, you show fear, insecurity, and/or nervousness. Those are really the only options. Nothing shines brighter than the confidence in your stride and the unwavering spark in your eyes. Except perhaps that shiny silver dress you have to wear on the fashion runway. Be careful, if the light hits it just right… you might blind your spectators.

You’re gorgeous, so let the whole world know it. If you’re walking the fashion runway, you must be “strutting your stuff” like you are the most gorgeous person in the world. If you don’t believe it yourself, your/the modeling agency’s clients won’t believe it either.

This goes for “real life” as well. There isn’t any better way to get attention than to hold yourself high and be confident. Maybe even flash a nice, bright smile. Don’t care what anyone thinks; just assume they are admiring your looks, your confidence. Why not? I mean… you ARE the most gorgeous person in the world.

As I write this, I am mostly thinking of the fashion runway, and being confident in your stride. But it also goes for being in front of the camera. Confidence comes out into the shots. It gives photos a little something extra and makes them pop. It also looks good in person. If you are meeting a new fashion photographer and s/he sees your confidence, s/he will be more confident in you and their choice to work with you.

Oh, and no slouching! 🙂

Stay tuned for more insider tips. Next up: Walking the Fashion Runway.

Thanks for reading,

Be Fierce!

Briauna Mariah (:

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