Young Models & Preparation for the Industry

Guys, if you haven’t heard, the fashion industry is changing. Big things are in motion. Big, good, things that protect you younger models out there. This is great!


The fashion industry is still, well, a bit raunchy, shady, and over-saturated. These are all things I really do think everyone should be aware of before deciding to pursue a career in modeling. While it is a lot safer, I think, and nicer in “hometown” areas like Seattle and Portland, big cities like New York are crawling with less-than-ideal circumstances.

What do I do, then, when a beautiful, smart, young girl looks to me–me!–for modeling advice? About 75 percent of me wants to warn her of all the bad, to steer her away! But look at me. I’m here. I’m doing it. What am I to steer anyone away?

I love what I do. It works for me and my lifestyle. It’s not for everyone, but that’s not for me to decide.  If you’re pursuing a career in modeling, I want you to know what you’re getting into and make sure you have your parents backing you up and giving you sound advice. Continue reading “Young Models & Preparation for the Industry”

Identity Crisis? Nah, This I Just Who I Am

I am Briauna Mariah Graeber.

That is who I am.

I will change, I will grow, but I will never be different.

I am that little girl walking to middle school who still practices multiplication and thinks about fairy stories and about the next time I get to do a sleep over. I am that shy Sophomore girl who wants a new start going to a new rigorous school program. I am that girl who wants to do really well in school. I am that girl who compares herself to those that she thinks do better than her. I am that girl that knows she can do better. I am that girl who falls hard for for that one, really great, crazy awesome guy that will never return the feelings. I am that girl studying bathymetry of Possession Sound with my classmates, who writes poems, who loves, who wonders. I am that girl who speculates about the fashion industry and thinks its “cool.”

I am like you. I am human. We change, we grow. Continue reading “Identity Crisis? Nah, This I Just Who I Am”