Identity Crisis? Nah, This I Just Who I Am

I am Briauna Mariah Graeber.

That is who I am.

I will change, I will grow, but I will never be different.

I am that little girl walking to middle school who still practices multiplication and thinks about fairy stories and about the next time I get to do a sleep over. I am that shy Sophomore girl who wants a new start going to a new rigorous school program. I am that girl who wants to do really well in school. I am that girl who compares herself to those that she thinks do better than her. I am that girl that knows she can do better. I am that girl who falls hard for for that one, really great, crazy awesome guy that will never return the feelings. I am that girl studying bathymetry of Possession Sound with my classmates, who writes poems, who loves, who wonders. I am that girl who speculates about the fashion industry and thinks its “cool.”

I am like you. I am human. We change, we grow. Continue reading “Identity Crisis? Nah, This I Just Who I Am”