Staten Island Ferry and Tourism

New York can be a lot to handle.

It’s a wild, busy place with lots to see and do. There is always a rush of people, pushing you to your next destination. Everyone wants to be someone; everyone is working just as diligently as you are to achieve your dreams. This can be overwhelming.

I’m not into touristy attractions. In fact, tourists have always driven me nuts for some reason. Maybe because I’d rather fit and blend in to the churning crowd rather than be forced to stop and go slow for a minute. Plus, tourism is a money-sucker. I avoid money-suckers. At all costs.

I mean, really, why pay $24 bucks a pop to board an overcrowded ferry full of annoying gawkers when you can have a perfectly relaxing view on the water for free? Yes, on the water. Free.

Some of you may know I had my special someone over from California for a week of the holiday season. I had to make sure his stay in New York  was special (it was his first time here!), so I decided to take a trip with him on the Staten Island Ferry.

I know all you natives probably already know this, but apparently the Staten Island Ferry is a pretty big tourist attraction in itself, as there were plenty of picture-snapping tourists aboard. For those informed enough, this is the perfect alternative to an overpriced tour boat. And it is the perfect relaxing getaway for boyfriends who love boats and water!

Many people within the city would like to take day trips out into ideal hiking spots upstate. Many go skiing, or perhaps swimming. However, if you don’t have time for that (let’s face it, most of us don’t), just hop on the ferry in the afternoon sometime. It makes for a gorgeous sunset, view of the city lights, and Lady Liberty. The best part is that its free! Let my photos of my cute little trip convince you that this is a good idea.

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