Transitus by Briauna Norman

When his twelve year old sister is reported dead, Krimsey suspects a lie. He believes she’s still alive. Believes that his leaders, meant to guide transitus-kind toward oceanic bliss, can’t be trusted. Risking his life to save hers, Krimsey has less than twenty-four hours until his lungs no longer breathe air. Until his body betrays him. Until his sister dies.

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About the writer

As the founder and Director of We Speak Model Management, Briauna Mariah is a big-picture thinker and “model mom,” with the support of 130+ influencers. She has a writing podcast, Teaching Myself to Write Novels, a mailing list, and a strong personal social presence as a leader, changemaker, and advocate for equity, accountability, and anti-tokenistic practices in fashion advertising.