How to Get Paid: Filing Small Claims

Small Claims Court
There is something that needs to be said about Small Claims. Small Claims is easy. Models and freelancers generally have an income that is dependent not on one, but many various, possibly unreliable, sources. You need to know that if someone owes you money, there are safe and easy ways to go about getting it.  If you qualify, that is. If you do not qualify, then other measures and methods would need to be considered, potentially making the task much more difficult, which is a process I haven’t had to get into myself.

Before pursuing legal action against an indebted company or individual, consider the following. Continue reading “How to Get Paid: Filing Small Claims”

Learning About Nerium and Improving my Own Skin

Speaking of motivation (my last post), some of my daily tasks now include sharing what I know about Nerium International with three people a day.

All we do in this business is have fun and share amazing results with our friends and get other people pumped. It’s super easy to jump in to, because every new brand partner is given a bunch of tools. It’s as easy as sharing a picture or video on facebook or having a get-together and pressing play on a video. You can go as fast as you want. If you’re not into it, that’s fine too. Though you just may be, after seeing what it does for the people around you. Continue reading “Learning About Nerium and Improving my Own Skin”