Black, Green, White and Fruit Teas

My uncle has the most amazing amenity in his home. The kitchen has an additional faucet that pours out 190 degree Fahrenheit water (near boiling). Guess what that’s perfect for! TEA! And I LOVE tea almost as much as I love Lady Gaga. Well, okay… hmm… maybe not almost… but I do love tea. Maybe more like a deep infatuation.

Anyways, I was bent on writing a blog about tea. About the health benefits and yadda yadda, but you know what I realized? I realized I don’t know anything about that aspect. So I did some research. You know what I found out? I’m lazy. I do not want to do another “research and write about it” type of thing. Too much time and reminds me of having to write essays in school! Plus, I always feel like I’m just repeating everything I just read about. Continue reading “Black, Green, White and Fruit Teas”