Not long ago, I couldn’t have told you who I am.

I’d have answered you with a list of things I have done, things I am doing, things I plan to do. 

Who am I? I am passion, I am authenticity, I am that feeling of dreaming so big your heart might explode. I am that little girl who could never stop asking questions or imagining new worlds. I could never stop placing my goals up with the stars. 

Who am I? I am that awkward, anxious weirdo so invisible at times, school bullies looked right through me. Sometimes, who I am is a stress ball so tight I may not get through the day. Stressaholic. Workaholic. Get-rid-of-all-the-stuff-and-become-a-minimalist-a-holic.

I am the good and the bad. The up and the down. The mental rollercoaster ride. 

The happiest person you will ever meet.

I am a writer. Reader. Hiker. Swimmer. There are days I want to do it all and days I want to do absolutely nothing and chill and watch movies and watch the sun crawl. There are days I see a broken thing so big, so impossible, I tell myself I need to fix it. But it’s so much bigger than me that I turn back into that ball of stress and clam up and tell myself I have enough on my plate. 

I am Briauna Mariah and I am Briauna Norman. I am a wife and I am a friend. I am the proud owner of a business that both seems much too big and much too small all at once. 

If you’ve come here, you probably already know something about me. I founded and run We Speak. My company reflects me and my values and my activism and sometimes it’s hard to see where I end and We Speak starts. We Speak was my Big Dream that somehow, incredibly, I made into reality. 

Before that, I modeled. 

Before that, I might have been a political scientist. Creative writing major. Marine biologist. Dolphin trainer. Sketch artist. 

If you’ve come here, you might be looking to be a model, be a writer, start a business. And to that I say… you can be anything and you can do anything.

Or maybe you’ve come here simply to get to know me. And to that I say… I’ll let you know when I’ve got that down because aren’t we all just works in progress?

And lastly, if you would really like a list of accomplishments or upcoming projects and want to see more of my doing, I have some fun PR interviews that sum me and my values up nicely. I also have a page for my work-in-progress first novel and I’d love for you to join my writing journey.