Transitus by Briauna Norman

When his twelve year old sister is reported dead, Krimsey suspects a lie. He believes she’s still alive. Believes that his leaders, meant to guide transitus-kind toward oceanic bliss, can’t be trusted. Risking his life to save hers, Krimsey has less than five days until his lungs no longer breathe air. Until his body betrays him. Until his sister dies.

Please stay tuned for more info on Briauna’s upcoming dystopian novel.

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What’s next?

While I polish and complete my first book, Transitus, which is technically a prequel, I also plan to draft my first (cruddy) manuscript of Book 1 for my 6-book series, set thousands of years after Transitus, for NaNoWriMo 2020.

Ōkeanós Age: Uni’s Discovery

Hundreds of years of oceanic peace is disrupted for the ōkeanós people, descendants of humans, when strange attacks from the surface erupt. After an attack leaves Uni’s tribe in ruins, their surviving mother, Palmata, leader of their small Photic tribe, offers Uni a choice: leave now, or stay, knowing Uni’s true identity must stay secret.