Transitus by Briauna Norman

When his twelve year old sister is reported dead, Krimsey suspects a lie. He believes she’s still alive. Believes that his leaders, meant to guide transitus-kind toward oceanic bliss, can’t be trusted. Risking his life to save hers, Krimsey has less than twenty-four hours until his lungs no longer breathe air. Until his body betrays him. Until his sister dies.

Please stay tuned for more info on Briauna’s upcoming dystopian novel.

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What’s next?

Transitus is a prequel to my 15-year-long passion story, set thousands of years after Transitus. It’s taken me some time (and life experience) to fully embrace the inner author inside me, but now that we’re here, I’ll be wrapping up on Book 1 of this long-awaited series sooner than you think!

Ōkeanós Age Book 1: Uni’s Human (working title)

Uni, a genderless ōkeanós—an aquatic descendant of the extinct air-breathing humans— is out for answers and revenge. Answers for Mother’s death and revenge against what killed her.

Exiled by their remaining mother, Uni trades open ocean tribal life for the solo, outcast exploration of kelp and coral coastlines. After getting caught in a storm and beached on a riverbank, unable to breathe, Uni learns two things.

This beach is now their prison.

And humans aren’t extinct.